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Recent Sermons, Articles, and Other Musings

Sunday Seed Thoughts: Preaching

Originally posted on ThePreachersWord:
While on his third missionary journey, Paul came to Troas where he spent the week. He met with the brethren. Worshipped. Communed. And preached. (Acts 20:6-7) Preaching. It’s been a part of worship since the first century church began on that Pentecost Sunday in Acts 2. Peter preached. He preached Jesus.…

Quote of the Day

“We’ve got to stop thinking of family entertainment as “safe” merely by counting the number of cusswords or asking whether the movie contains overt displays of sexuality and violence. When our focus remains on the surface, we underestimate the more powerful and persuasive aspects of art. Plenty of films rated G and PG promote messages … Continue reading Quote of the Day

We Settle for Too Little

Today’s post comes from one of my mentors Mark Dunagan. He writes a daily blog (which you can subscribe to here). as he travels the country with his wife Cindy, preaching and teaching the Gospel. Mark also runs a YouTube channel and a website where you can download his study notes and commentaries. I hope … Continue reading We Settle for Too Little