Romans 14: The Law of Liberty

In Ephesians 2:14-18, we read about how God reconciled not only sinners to Himself but also Jews and Gentiles together. God has and is calling for all peoples everywhere to repent and get into a right relationship with Him, and that is glorious! It is amazing that the Gospel can unite all peoples together. Regardless … Continue reading Romans 14: The Law of Liberty

Go and Do Likewise

Currently, in the United States, forty-one states have what is called a "good Samaritan" law. In general, these laws protect anyone who renders aid in an emergency from any liability provided that the aid was one, provided in good faith. Two was done for no money or other consideration. And three, they were not grossly … Continue reading Go and Do Likewise

Who Is This Lord? Acts 2:14-42

Introduction: The first Gospel sermon was preached in Acts 2.Through God’s providence a Rosetta stone for the Gospel had been made on the day of Pentecost.Peter’s sermon selects Joel 2:28-32 as his text. It answers the question of what just happened (baptism of the Holy Spirit) and sets up to preach Jesus. Discussion: It Is … Continue reading Who Is This Lord? Acts 2:14-42