Study The Bible

Tucson Bible Study Meetup

If you are in the Tucson metro area you’re invited to come to one of our Meetup Bible studies!

Tucson Bible Study Meetup

Tucson, AZ
123 Truth Seekers

Our group is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about God, His word, and how to please Him.When it comes to the Bible are you uncertain where to start? Want to…

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Country Club Road church of Christ

You are also welcome to come and study and worship with all of us at the Country Club Road church of Christ. We meet together to study the Bible Sunday’s at 9:00 AM and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM. You are also invited to join us in worshiping our God Sundays at 10 AM and 6 PM.

Bible Correspondence Course

Study the Bible in the comfort of your own home with a free study by mail Bible study course. Click the link above, fill out the form, and I mail off the first lesson.

This is a series of 8 lessons designed to lay a foundation of Bible knowledge that you can build on the rest of your life. The 8 lessons will cover:

  • The Old Testament (Lesson 1)
  • The New Testament (Lesson 2)
  • Rightly Dividing the Word (Lesson 3)
  • Faith and Works (Lesson 4)
  • Becoming A Christian (Lesson 5)
  • Acceotable Worship (Lesson 6)
  • The New Testament Church (Lesson 7)
  • You Can Just Be A Christian (Lesson 8)