Romans 14: The Law of Love

Last Lord's Day, we dealt with Romans 14:1-13 under the title "The Law of Liberty." By way of review and clarification, Romans 14 deals with matters of personal conviction and practice, which on their own are not sinful. Paul gave two examples of such convictions and practices. The first is the food we eat (Rom. … Continue reading Romans 14: The Law of Love

The Locusts Have Come

In the introduction of his commentary on the Minor Prophets, Brother Hailey wrote that "A study of the prophets will enrich the life of anyone who applies himself to learn their teaching…An understanding of how the prophets dealt with the religious, political, social, and moral corruptions in their day will give courage to the Lord's … Continue reading The Locusts Have Come

Romans 14: The Law of Liberty

In Ephesians 2:14-18, we read about how God reconciled not only sinners to Himself but also Jews and Gentiles together. God has and is calling for all peoples everywhere to repent and get into a right relationship with Him, and that is glorious! It is amazing that the Gospel can unite all peoples together. Regardless … Continue reading Romans 14: The Law of Liberty