“A Gospel Meeting”

The following article was written by brother Richard Thetford in preparation for the gospel meeting their congregation was having. I am republishing it here for your consideration and encouragement. Richard Thetford Our gospel meeting begins a week from today, September 25th, with Andy Berendt doing the preaching. I think it would do us all good to remind ourselves … Continue reading “A Gospel Meeting”

Who Is This Lord? Acts 2:14-42

Introduction: The first Gospel sermon was preached in Acts 2.Through God’s providence a Rosetta stone for the Gospel had been made on the day of Pentecost.Peter’s sermon selects Joel 2:28-32 as his text. It answers the question of what just happened (baptism of the Holy Spirit) and sets up to preach Jesus. Discussion: It Is … Continue reading Who Is This Lord? Acts 2:14-42