You Can – But You Can’t

The following was orignally published in "The Beacon -Electronic Edition" Janurary 9th, 2022. The Beacon is the weekly bulletin of the Collegeview church of Christ. You can ignore God's warnings; you can refuse his  blessings; you can reject all his wondrous love, but you can't go to heaven doing so.You can believe any doctrine you … Continue reading You Can – But You Can’t

Q & A: Does the Bible mention a War in heaven?

Recently I got a question in my inbox asking, does the Bible mention a war in heaven in which angels are cast down to earth? This is a relatively straightforward question to answer. Yes, the Bible mentions such a war, and it is found in Revelation 12:7-12, which reads as follows. 7 And war broke … Continue reading Q & A: Does the Bible mention a War in heaven?

Romans 14: The Law of Love

Last Lord's Day, we dealt with Romans 14:1-13 under the title "The Law of Liberty." By way of review and clarification, Romans 14 deals with matters of personal conviction and practice, which on their own are not sinful. Paul gave two examples of such convictions and practices. The first is the food we eat (Rom. … Continue reading Romans 14: The Law of Love