Shake the Dust Off Your Feet

I recently received the question: What does it mean to “shake the dust off your fee”? And how does this relate to dealing with fierce rejecting after sharing the Gospel? Let's start with the phrase “shake the dust off your feet.” It comes from Matthew 10:14 where Jesus is giving instruction to His disciples. This … Continue reading Shake the Dust Off Your Feet

The Second Coming of Jesus

The Lord’s second coming is a prominent theme throughout the New Testament. It was and should still be the hope that all Christians looked to for strength and encouragement. However, today it is either largely not talked about or individuals are so confused on the matter they cannot speak or teach truthfully on it (e.g., … Continue reading The Second Coming of Jesus

What is the 1000 Year Reign of Revelation 20?

A good friend of mine has said many times that when it comes to reading the Bible, we need not to check our common sense at the door. Yes, there are some things that might take a little more effort than others to understand but the Bible, fundamentally, is an understandable book. Paul wrote to … Continue reading What is the 1000 Year Reign of Revelation 20?