Who Is This Lord? Acts 2:14-42


  1. The first Gospel sermon was preached in Acts 2.
  2. Through God’s providence a Rosetta stone for the Gospel had been made on the day of Pentecost.
  3. Peter’s sermon selects Joel 2:28-32 as his text. It answers the question of what just happened (baptism of the Holy Spirit) and sets up to preach Jesus.


  1. It Is What Joel Spoke Of (Acts 2:14-21):
    • Refutes the scoffers saying the Apostles are drunk. vv.14-15
    • Joel’s prophecy is being fulfilled. vv.16-21
    • “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” v.21
    • Who is this Lord that we should call on His name?
  2. Jesus Is Joel’s Lord (Acts 2:22-28):
    • Joel’s Lord is Jesus the Christ. v.22
    • Three pieces of evidence to support this claim. v.22-24
      1.  Jesus performed attesting miracles. v.22 cf. Exo. 4:5
      1.  He was the subject of biblical prophecy. v.23
      1.  He was raised from the dead never to die v.24 cf. Rom. 1:4
    • King David also testifies About Jesus. vv.25-28
  3. You Killed Him (Acts 2:29-36):
    • Peter applies/shows how David spoke of Jesus vv.29-35
    • Major point of the sermon: You killed Him! v.36
    • What do we do now?
  4. The Response to the Gospel (Acts 2:37-41):
    • The question. v.37
    • The solution vv.38-40
    • The Response. vv.41-42


  1. Jesus told the Apostles to go and preach the gospel to all creation (Matt. 28:18ff).
  2. In Acts 2 we see the apostles do just that.
  3. You can be saved this morning just as they were. By being baptized unto the remission of your sins (Acts 2:38).

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